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Alphas, Betas, Omegas, Women. They are all THE ENEMY.

July 16, 2009



I’m sick of the way the Alpha and Beta men monopolize everything.  And the Omegas.  What the fuck?  Like there are only three letters in the Greek Alphabet?  Xi males like me have been marginalized for millenniums.  Shit.  We can’t even hang a Xi on the front of our fraternity house without hanging up three separate parts.  We usually resort to stencils.  Once upon a time society respected stencils, but NOOOOOOO, now it’s all controlled by Alphas and Betas.  No more stencils for those boys, since capital Alpha and Beta have holes in them.  Holes!  Just like women!  I SEE THE MATRIX.


We need a REVOLUTION.  All the males of other Greek letters!  Come forward!  Join me in overturning the oppressive hegemony of Alphas and Betas!   We cum over shells!